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WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! Hi! I'm Tonya :) I am owner/photographer of Tonya Cozart Photography. I am an experienced professional and own and operate a photo studio in my small west Texas hometown of Lamesa. I have many settings and areas for natural window lighting as well as photogenic lights, and also work with the amazing Natural light" of the sun for outdoor sessions around town and on location. I see clients from all around, including Midland, Greenwood, Andrews, Seminole, Stanton, Brownfield, Tahoka, Ackerly, Big Spring, San Angelo, and Lubbock. My high school seniors vary from Lamesa High School, and include Borden county, Klondike, Dawson, O'Donnell, Sands and more. I am lucky to get newborns in my studio delivered in many hospitals, including Covenant and UMC in Lubbock Tx, Midland Memorial in Midland TX, Odessa Regional in Odessa Tx, and smaller hospitals in the surrounding areas. Although Newborns are my specialty, I love kids of all ages - newborns, babies, toddlers, tweens, teens and high school seniors. Photographing their special moments, and watching them grow just makes me happy! I literally fall in love with my clients EVERY . SINGLE . SESSION. My clients often refer to me as "the baby whisperer" or "the child whisperer" because of how easily I can calm their babies, and get even the shyest child to interact and have a great session.
I am often asked what is my favorite age to photograph, and I can only answer "all of them!" because I truly enjoy what is special about each age. Children are fascinating and entertaining and from the moment they are born - all cuddly and snuggly - to the rambunctious toddler years, and then the snaggle-toothed silliness, or crazy cranky adolescence and moody teens, even the all grown up graduates - I really do love them all!
I am so confident you will see that in my work, that I guarantee all of my sessions [and your happiness with the final outcome] 100% - so hiring me will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling of trust from the very beginning. I know we will all be great friends! I don’t consider you to be just a client, but part of what I call my “portrait family” (I even have a family tree wall in my studio!). I can't wait to fall in love with your children and show you how I see them through my lens :) I often hear my clients use terms such as "gifted", "talented" and "special touch" to describe me when they see me working my "magic" with babies and kids. It makes me blush a little....I just consider this my blessing from God and is why I have chosen my photographic specialty to be newborn and children's photography. I have photographed babies in a variety of ways over the years, and some things have gotten very trendy. It has led me back to a more simplistic, natural "pure" style with newborns. My vision is for you to always see your baby as that tiny, beautiful, innocent, pure, blessedly-perfect tiny human. I approach photographing children, tweens, teens and seniors in much of the same way. Childhood should be remembered for what it is and who your child is at that moment. I want you to see them when you look at my portraits, to see their personality, what makes them special, unique, that certain smile only you know, that look in their eye that melts your heart or lets you know trouble is coming...haha! This style, this ability, is what places me in high demand. It is such an honor to know my studio, my work, my photographic portrait art, is considered the most popular in the area. I love the artistic side of photography as well, and one of my favorite things to do for my clients is to create what I call "baby artwork" with their photographs. When parents see their baby as a piece of art that they can showcase in their home, it evokes deep emotion, they are often moved to tears. It makes me very happy to say that my clients are continually telling me how they love the products and quality they get from me, and it is my goal to provide that to every client, every session, every time.
I am very proud to let you know of my training, accomplishments and businesses that display my work. I have trained extensively through the Texas Professional Photographers Association, and the international Professional Photographers Association. I have also been able to attend one of the most prestigious educational schools available to photographers, the Texas School of Professional Photography.
I am very blessed to have many amazing photographic art displays in popular businesses. McCalls Gift store, located in downtown Lamesa on the square, happily displays newborn and tween portraits in their children's department. The Ginger Lily Art Studio, also located on the downtown square in Lamesa features some of my travel photographic art. Capital Farm Credit bank in Lamesa also features some of my designer newborn portraits in rustic settings. In the recent past, I was a featured artist at the Midland Women's Clinic offices of Dr's Ben Doke, Dr. David Deshan, Dr. Brady Locke, Dr. Gary Madden and Dr. Ronica McBrayer in Midland Texas for two years.
Tonya Cozart Photography is physically located at 1302 Lubbock Hwy in Lamesa Texas, 79331. My work is most recognized by my unique newborn style with infants, my portrait baby art, along with my ability to photograph childhood in it's natural beauty. I am often told I have a gift of photographing a child's personality when I take their picture. I love that I can provide parents with a professional memorial gift of their child as they see them every day.
I consider my business, and it's success as a true blessing from God, and having having my clients and admirers regard my photography of babies and children so highly makes me sincerely thankful for all that I have been given. It is a huge honor to be a part of this great industry of professional photographers. If you would like to know more about me, just click on into my main site, or visit my BLOG. The blog has evolved over the years, as social media changes. In the past I have included posts about my photography, tips and tricks for mommy photographers, places to shop for babies, what to wear for your session, quotes and bible scriptures that I love, and peeks and glimpses into my life here and there :) Now, I mainly just post my favorite sessions from time to time, and use it as information for my clients, but everything I have ever posted is still there, so feel free to check me out!


When I started out in photography, I knew I loved it, I knew I wanted to do it, but I was all over the place with what I would photograph. When I settled into portraits, I knew I found my passion, and when I realized my calling was with children, I felt my heart was at home. When I'm photographing portraits, I see more than just your child through my lens, I see who they are and I want to capture that for you. I want to see their personality shine, and even more, I want you to be able to see that in my work. I don't just pose your child, say smile and take a picture - I interact with them, watch them play, let them come out of their shell. I want to get to know them and have fun, so we can bring out those natural smiles, giggles and pretty pouting faces. This is what children's photography is really about, anyone can take "pics", but a photograph - a portrait - is a true reflection of the person inside, not just the outer shell. Beauty, love, and who we are, shines from within.


This has been my favorite for quite a while now, and I sincerely hope when you see my work you can see how much I love what I do and you why I have chosen to specialize in this area. Babies are just so innocent and give us love and hope like nothing else does. The little details in their tiny fingernails and eyes, the cuddles, the smells, the coos and sighs, and tiny little smiles. It just makes my heart happy. Everyone gets such a warm and fuzzy feeling holding and loving on a sweet baby, and I get to do that for my job! Wow! I am continually amazed how each baby has such a story to tell, such a personality to show us. Even though they are only a few days old, they are each their own little being. These small things are what separates one baby from the next, what tells us who they are and makes their session unique. I love watching how each baby responds; to see how young girls are transformed into fantastic mommies; how infants react to the scent or voice of their mother; how what worked with one will make the next one mad. Most of all, I love to watch them sleep. So angelic, peaceful, innocent...God's miraculous handiwork just snoozing away in baby dreamland!
Each session, each person I photograph has it's own memory, but I consider the newborn session the most important. It is the beginning, it is a time that will never be the same again. The pureness that is captured in these sessions is so fleeting, and so precious, it truly is a time deserving of preservation. That sweet baby smell will go away, but a proper professional portrait will allow you to remember just how sweet it was. Every day in the life of a baby is different from the one before, capturing these moments are something a parent will always, always, cherish.(pinkie swear!)


Maternity and Pregnancy pictures are also a part of what I do, because after all - children start in mommy's belly:).These sessions are a very personal decision for a woman. Each woman and pregnancy is unique, a woman may feel vulnerable, unattractive, and just out of touch with herself and her body, or she may feel more beautiful than she ever has. Either way, most women are in awe of the miracle her body is capable of and want to remember the details of this pregnancy. Being chosen to photograph this moment is an awesome responsibility for me. Over the years I have tried several styles and techniques to make this more than just taking pictures of your growing belly. I want it to be an experience that shows them how beautiful they are, as well as providing them with memories they really will cherish and share for a lifetime. Due to all the factors that go into the maternity session, as well as how a mother wants to preserve and share these images long after she has had her baby, I have evolved into a style of photographing pregnancy that is totally unique to this area. Mother's that trust their maternity portraits with me will have a beautiful keepsake that I know will be cherished forever, and not something that will be tucked away with the maternity clothes.


I knew very early in the starting of my business that I wanted to be a professional. It was clear to me from the beginning that I needed to be the best I could be and be able to provide that to anyone who was hiring me. I saw many people, some with true talent, crash and burn because they did not properly educate themselves on the art, as well as the business. I knew education was key, so I began my journey into this great profession by immersing myself in photography books and courses, then I joined the Texas Professional Photographers Association (TPPA) and that led me to two great years, (and plans for more) of education at Texas School. I then was honored to become a member of the prestigious PPA - Professional Photographers of America, and will soon be seeking membership in WPPI - Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and the NAPCP - National Association of Professional Child Photographers. Additionally, I have a listing with the best newborn photographers at and at - a highly informative website that provides mom's with information to search for a baby photographer that will be a perfect fit for them. All of these memberships and classes have provided me with the resources I need to educate and continue to educate myself for my business and clients.
I have also had the honor of teaching what I have learned during my time as a photographer. For about a year and a half, along with my a good friend and business partner, Cyndi dupont, of Cyndi duPont Photography and owner of Paper Moon Photography, we formed the teaching enterprise - "the baby whisperers". We were in a position where we were being approached by many photographers in the industry wanting to learn "our secrets" to the newborn photography we provided. This prompted us to make a decision to provide some education back to the industry that had taught us so much. We formed the partnership and enjoyed a great season of teaching classes, mentoring, and making a video of our skills in newborn photography to help out other photographers wanting to learn how we do what we do. We have since moved on to other projects, and put the teaching behind us, but we will always be grateful to those who were a part of "the baby whisperers" and we are still great friends:)


Charity work is something photographers are often a part of, finding that a creative gift often comes with a desire to give back. I have looked and searched for my niche in this area, looking for a good "fit" for me and my business. I was a member of a great organization for a time, Now I lay Me Down to Sleep - (NILMDTS), and while I felt and feel that this is an AMAZING service, it just was not a good fit for me, mainly due to time restraints, having a family, and needing to be "on call" is not something I can do well with children at home. I have looked into other charities and organizations, but nothing was screaming at me or providing me with a good opportunity to participate. Then, about a year ago, a family was sent to me with a mother who had a terminal illness. They had a sponsor family who would be paying their fees, and wanted them to have a family session done, along with the gifts of a wall collection and albums. I was happy to be a part of such an emotional event and knew this was where I belonged. It was my fit. It has been a work in progress, and I have since provided this service in other forms and situations a few more times, though I never got the details worked out. In 2011, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and through this journey, God has laid it on my heart that this is where my service lies. I have decided to formally make an "in house" charity for Tonya Cozart Photography. It will be named "Angels in Waiting" and will provide nominated children and families who are dealing with, or facing a terminal or critical illness. It is currently a work in progress, but will be revealing itself little by little as it grows into the gift it is intended to be. I feel overly blessed and so excited to be in a place where I can do something so amazing for people, far beyond any expectations I ever had when I began with just myself, a dream and a camera:)

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