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def: a thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future.



Hiring the right photographer can mean one of two things. You will either have some pictures taken or you will go home with something that is going to fill your heart with love every time you look at it. 


There is a difference.

Of course, looking at people we love always tugs our heartstrings, but looking at great images can invoke all the emotion that was there when it was taken.

If you want to see the personality behind the picture, if you want to hear the laughter behind the smile or feel all the attitude behind that pouty face - then you should hire someone who cares about all those things, someone who cares about you. Someone you can trust to bring training, professionalism, knowledge and skill to your session. 

Your children, your family, your memories - they are the most important thing to you. Hire someone who knows that. 



 Bring your life, bring your imagination, bring all your love. 

Trust Tonya Cozart Photography. 

Thank you for considering welcoming me into your family


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